The Road to the 2006 Girls' Soccer
National Championship Tournament!

The Rebel Elite 2006 girls’ team is a local St. George team ranked in the top 10 in Utah. The girls have been invited to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the prestigious President’s Cup National Championship Tournament  in Wichita, Kansas, July 7-11, 2023.

Our girls had to win the local President’s Cup in Mesquite and Regionals in Boise, Idaho. They did this without sponsors and with their own money, and now have an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents while representing our families, our communities, our club, our state and our sponsors on a national stage against top competition from across the nation.

To participate in this amazing opportunity, we are reaching out to potential sponsors to help fund our trip to Wichita, Kansas. Our goal is to help make our trip affordable for our athletes. As an option for your sponsorship/donation, we will place your logo or name on our team gear and team banner for Nationals.

Your donation will go directly to our team, benefiting the girls. Your donations help with hotels, food, transportation, and other expenses associated with tournament travel.

Thank you for supporting Rebel Elite FC!

You can make a donation via Venmo to our team manager, Calindy Twede, at

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